Lucie Labs will take its place alongside the founding partners of the ISELED Alliance: Inova, Dominant Opto Technologies, NXP, TE Connectivity and Pforzheim University. It will complement the solutions of existing ISELED members by contributing its IoT software platform, including firmware, a software development kit (for iOS and Android) and a cloud environment.

The ISELED Alliance is developing LED-related products and solutions based on an entirely new in-car LED lighting concept, which integrates a smart LED driver with three color LEDs into a tiny package. This drives down costs, simplifies control, and expands the functionality of LED lighting and display solutions.

Robert Kraus, chief executive at Inova Semiconductors, said, “The synergies between ISELED members and Lucie Labs will ensure full interoperability of Lucie Labs’ solution in the automotive market, and fast-track its synthesis into motor vehicles by offering a fully integrated solution.”

Lucie Labs is a French Internet of Things (IoT) startup that creates, develops and distributes tools and technologies via its IoT software platform. It enables its customers to transform traditional items into smart, connected, interactive and useful objects, and generates data that can be used to create a new generation of predictive services.

By integrating the Lucie Labs technology into the ISELED Alliance solution, new ambient lighting possibilities focused on creating a holistic user experience are made possible. For example, ambient lighting can be used in multiple new use cases: convenience and comfort, entertainment and infotainment, safety and security, branding and design, and communications and interconnectivity.