Sustainability is one of the key elements of Daimler’s corporate strategy and at the same time a benchmark for corporate success.

Future Board Chairman Ola Källenius, who is currently still responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, presented the targets for the car division under the heading “Ambition2039” at a press event.

He said: “First Move the World – that’s our purpose at Mercedes-Benz Cars. That’s the deeper meaning of our work, what drives us.

“First Move the World means going for more than just immediate objectives. This inner unrest for what’s next is part of our company’s DNA.

“Therefore, it’s also a cornerstone of the new sustainable business strategy we are currently working on. Although this strategy has several dimensions, one of the defining issues is how we address our CO2 footprint.”

Källenius outlinedDaimler’s Ambition2039, aiming to have a carbon-neutral new passenger car fleet in 20 years

 He said: “Our way to sustainable mobility is innovation – in a holistic approach along the entire value chain. We want to offer our customers a carbon-neutral driving experience

 “By 2030 we aim to have electric models make up more than half of our car sales – that includes all-electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

 “We will continue to offer our customers performance and luxury from Mercedes. At the same time we want to significantly reduce CO2 emissions per vehicle.”