A key part of this research started in April 2016 when  Airbus and Siemens started a joint collaboration.

Martin Nuesseler, Head of E-Aircraft Systems Programme at Airbus, said: “We have worked very closely with Siemens eAircraft over the course of the last three years to research hybrid-electric technologies.

“Siemens contributed their profound know-how in electric drives and power electronics and their strong capability to deliver innovative solutions to our ambitious projects.

“The results we have achieved this far pave the way towards the future of hybrid electric flight. We are sure that Siemens eAircraft will continue to be a close partner of Airbus in future.”

At the Bauhaus Luftfahrt Symposium “Ambition 2050”, in Taufkirchen Glenn Llewellyn, Electrification General Manager at Airbus highlighted that while no single technology will allow the industry to become emission free, electric and hybrid electric propulsion technologies are some of the most promising.

This is why Airbus is actively exploring how to apply such technologies across its portfolio, from helicopters and VTOLs all the way to commercial aircraft, with demonstrators such as CityAirbus and E-Fan X.