Flytex has been using drones to deliver sushi, hamburgers and beer and now plans to take the total number of routes it serves from one to 13.

The delivery will continue to be in partnership with, Iceland’s largest on-demand supplier of restaurant food. The service will also include an advanced “InAir” wire-drop system that will lower packages directly to consumers’ backyards.

Until now, Flytrex’s drone system has operated along one route, bridging two parts of the city separated by a large bay. The packages have been delivered from a delivery company on one side of the bay to another on the other side, cutting delivery times from a half-hour to minutes.

Following a regulatory process with the Icelandic Transport Authority and hundreds of flights to preassigned drop-off points, the system will now be able to reach nearly half the city of Reykjavik, the company said.

The drones are approved to fly up to 700 meters off its path to make backyard deliveries in select, approved neighbourhoods. At the drop-off point the customer can order the drones to lower the package to the ground via an app. Once the package touches down, its wire detaches from the drone, which then returns to the drone-port.