Leading the electric vehicle carsharing services in Europe with 5,000 ZOE in eight major cities and several strong partnerships, the group has decided to gradually deploy in France a commercial offer of electric mobility for Parisians, Ile-de-France residents and visitors, through Marcel (ride-hailing service).

Moov'In.Paris by Renault (free-floating) and Renault Mobility (short term rental). By the end of 2019, a fleet of 2,000 electric vehicles will be made available through these various offers in France.

Renault Chairman Carlos Ghosn announced two steps forward in the company’s continued electrification of its Renault range, as outlined in the strategic plan Drive the Future: a new, affordable urban electric vehicle in 2019, coming first to China, and new hybrid and plug-in hybrid options on three of its popular vehicles in 2020.

China is the largest and fastest-growing market for electric vehicles and Renault K-ZE will go into production there first in China. It will be manufactured locally by e-GT New Energy Automotive Co, the Joint Venture with Dongfeng Motor Group and Nissan created to develop and produce competitive electric vehicles for the Chinese market.

Renault also confirmed its plans to further electrify its range in its 2020 product refresh cycle, offering hybrid on Clio and plug-in hybrid on Mégane and Captur. e-Tech, an innovative, 100% Renault in-house technology, enables Renault to offer hybrid versions on B and C segment models.

Ghosn also revealed a new vision for the future of mobile content – an Augmented Editorial Experience (AEX). This immersive experience combining content, connectivity services, media and mobility, will turn travel time into a learning experience beyond driving and beyond the car itself.

The immersive Augmented Editorial Experience appeared on the Renault stand at the Paris Motor Show. Inside a full-size capsule, through four scenarios in a 222-degree projection, visitors will experience how their daily time spent in a car might be different, through the benefit of enhanced on-board experiences and premium, adaptive, personalized content.

The AEX capsule sat alongside a new Renault luxury concept car, which is an electric, autonomous, connected robo-vehicle, making it easy for people to imagine what the experience might be like in the autonomous drive car of the future.