The Journey to Better campaign which will be rolled out across France, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany, highlights the common pitfalls car rental customers may have experienced in the past and showcases how the new Avis App addresses these.

Unwanted extras, long queues and not being able to pick the car that you want are some of the issues addressed.

Each different creative advert illustrates these sticking points in the car rental industry and highlights how the new Avis App can help customers avoid these pitfalls.

The campaign is also the first step in the brand’s mission to ‘reinvent rental,’ looking at key pain points along the customer journey and turning industry ‘negatives’ into differentiating Avis ‘positives.’

It cements the Avis belief that car rental needs to get better and it is the brand to lead the way.

Elliott Pritchard, Marketing Director, International, said: This campaign is as an important step in our commitment to reinvent rental. We want to highlight some of the rental woes people may have experienced in the past, acknowledging to consumers that we know there have been issues in the industry, but that we are working hard to deliver a more seamless, stress-free and transparent experience.

Pritchard continues:Our goal is to go further, by simplifying the rental process and giving our customers control at their fingertips, delivering a faster, worry-free service.”