IAM RoadSmart – formerly the Institute of Advanced Motorists – conducted an independent survey of 1,000 British motorists and a separate poll among its 92,000 members. Those 65% of motorists believe that a human being should always be in control of the vehicle with 53% saying that the focus should be on making drivers safer – not just cars.

Sarah Sillars, chief executive of IAM RoadSmart said: “Technological advances that make driving and riding safer for all road users have to be embraced whole-heartedly – but British motorists and our members, do want the right to drive. Intelligent cars will deliver a step change in road safety by targeting the human errors we make from time-to-time.

“We believe a well-trained driver and an ever-vigilant car is a win-win scenario for the future. This technology will also prove to be a major boost for business and keep UK PLC at the very edge of technological advance.”

The government is due to consult this summer on how the UK can lead the development of autonomous vehicles.