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Cookies - what they are

Cookies are small files that are stored by your web browser as you use the web. They are designed to hold a tiny amount of data to allow websites to do things like remember your settings, whether you are logged in or not or whether you have visited the site before.

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How and why Intelligent Mobility Insight uses cookies.

This website makes use of cookies for the following reasons.

Cookie name Purpose
ASP.NET_SessionId We use this cookie so that the website recognises you as you move from page to page within the site.
.ASPXAUTH This cookie is used to make sure you have permission to access the website. We hold nothing in the cookie that can identify the user its encrypted.
IMI Remember me log on cookie to automatically log you back in to the site, this is used to help you remember your details, it will store your login data securely encrypted on your machine.

Web Analytics

In common with most websites we use systems to measure the amount of traffic to our site and help us analyse how individual users navigate our content. We use Google Analytics for these measurements.

They allow us to understand things like how many people have viewed the site in a given period, how often people visit and what the most popular types of content are. We use this information to help us improve the site in lots of ways. For example, we may realise something we think is a particularly good bit of content is not being viewed as often as we would expect, we may then decide to make that content more easy to find via the site navigation options.

For more information on the cookies Google sets please visit (we only use the first 4 cookies in the table):

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