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Turning autonomous flight dreams into reality
25 Apr 18
The future of transport lies in the skies. By developing a range of cutting-edge autonomous technologies, Airbus is working towards a world of self-piloting urban air mobility vehicles, cargo drones and more autonomous commercial aircraft. The vision: a safer, more efficient and eco-friendly global transport network.
Air transport | Logistics | ICT
Chariot rides in to ease congestion
18 Jan 18
No two cities are exactly the same. That holds true whether you’re discussing the local food scene or homegrown musical talent, and it’s equally true when it comes to transportation, writes Dan Grossman, Ford Smart Mobility vice president, Global Microtransit Services.
United States
Alternative mobility | City planning

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Peoples’ perception of autonomous flight
02 May 18
People understand the benefits says Mathias Thomsen, General Manager Urban Air Mobility, on the public’s hopes and fears for autonomous flying vehicles
Air transport | ICT
The future is diesel
25 Apr 18
There is a future for diesel and Bosch chief executive Volkmar Denner wants to put a stop, once and for all, to the debate about the demise of the technology.
Energy | Vehicles
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