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Ringing the changes
24 Nov 16
LONDON - Stakeholders must embrace change to succeed in the automotive industry of the future, writes Shwetha Surender, Programme Manager, Mobility in Frost and Sullivan’s Automotive and Transportation division
United Kingdom
Alternative mobility | ICT | Vehicles
The AD challenge
20 Oct 16
LONDON - Arunprasad Nandakumar, team leader - chassis, safety and autonomous driving systems, mobility at Frost and Sullivan looks at the ideal sensor suite for autonomous driving: Today’s challenges will be tomorrow’s opportunities
United Kingdom
ICT | Vehicles

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Hedging bets for the future
30 Mar 16
MUNICH - Diesel will remain a central pillar of BMW’s CO2 strategy despite growing concerns in some quarters over emissions and the scandal surrounding VW’s so-called defeat device. But the German carmaker is also investing in other technologies and mobility projects.
Alternative mobility | Energy | Vehicles
Partnerships to develop solutions
04 Feb 16
SÖDERTÄLJE - Over the past 50 years, the automotive industry has undergone what could be described as a technology revolution, says Harald Ludanek Executive Vice President, Research and Development, Scania CV. Fuel efficiency, environmentally sound vehicle powertrain concepts, increased electronics, driver assistance, and safety features like ABS and airbags are just a few of the improvements that have taken place, which have led to sustainable, safer, and more comfortable driving.
Logistics | ICT | Vehicles
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