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Race for the future
18 May 17
DEARBORN – The new Ford GT has been designed not only to win races but also to serve as a test bed for new technologies and ideas for future vehicles across Ford’s vehicle line-up.
United States
Energy | ICT | Vehicles
Road to autonomy
19 Apr 17
Autonomous cars will be with us sooner than you think. Self-driving cars are being tested on roads around the world – the technology is already with us, what’s lagging behind is the infrastructure.
United Kingdom
ICT | Vehicles

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Three-pronged technological revolutuion
12 Dec 16
The disruptive triangle of electrification, autonomous drive and connectivity technology is forcing the global auto industry to rethink how our cars will operate in the future, and how we will use them, says Renault-Nissan Alliance chief Carlos Ghosn
Looking for technology leadership
03 May 16
BEIJING -- DiDi is ready to go beyond leadership in scale to foster a leadership in technology. Cheng Wei, founder and chief executive shares the company's vision on the market, technology and social alliances at the Global Mobile Internet Conference
Alternative mobility
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