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Real Driving Emissions: Implementation and Impact
19 Jan 17
The “Diesel gate” scandal created a mighty havoc in the automotive industry due to emission regulation violation with a defeat device. Frank Leveque and Arvind Noel Xavier Leo of Frost and Sullivan look at how emissions testing is evolving.
United Kingdom
Energy | ICT | Vehicles
Revenue opportunities in the connected truck market
21 Dec 16
LONDON - Connected trucks will fight inefficiencies and enhance safety say Christoph Domke, director Frost and Sullivan, and Franck Leveque, partner Frost and Sullivan
United Kingdom
Logistics | ICT

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Looking for technology leadership
03 May 16
BEIJING -- DiDi is ready to go beyond leadership in scale to foster a leadership in technology. Cheng Wei, founder and chief executive shares the company's vision on the market, technology and social alliances at the Global Mobile Internet Conference
Alternative mobility
Hedging bets for the future
30 Mar 16
MUNICH - Diesel will remain a central pillar of BMW’s CO2 strategy despite growing concerns in some quarters over emissions and the scandal surrounding VW’s so-called defeat device. But the German carmaker is also investing in other technologies and mobility projects.
Alternative mobility | Energy | Vehicles
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