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Chariot rides in to ease congestion
18 Jan 18
No two cities are exactly the same. That holds true whether you’re discussing the local food scene or homegrown musical talent, and it’s equally true when it comes to transportation, writes Dan Grossman, Ford Smart Mobility vice president, Global Microtransit Services.
United States
Alternative mobility | City planning
Taking Back the Streets
09 Jan 18
Using Systems Thinking to Return Our City Streets to the Community, writes Marcy Klevorn, Ford Executive Vice President and President, Mobility
United States
City planning | Megacities | Transport systems | Vehicles

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Could airships be the answer to Africa’s transport problems
06 Feb 18
CAPE TOWN - Airbus BizLab and Cloudline explore how to improve transport in Africa. How one South African aims to reach remote locations with autonomous lighter-than-air drones, and the support of Airbus BizLab.
South Africa
Air transport | Logistics | Alternative mobility | Transport systems
Mercedes’ multi-layered approach
12 Oct 17
STUTTGART - Since the beginning of this year Ola Källenius has been responsible for Group Research at Daimler and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. With the electrically driven studies EQA and smart vision EQ, Mercedes-Benz Cars is sending clear signals on purely electric mobility. Is this the new silver bullet?
Energy | Vehicles
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