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The human machine interface
27 Nov 18
BERLIN - What does a desirable future that is worth living look like? How can individuality and digital transformation be reconciled? How can trust be established between humans and machines?
Thailand’s aviation ambitions
08 Nov 18
BANGKOK - Aviation and aerospace industry is growing rapidly worldwide and Thailand is taking advantage of this trend, as well as its aviation market leadership, to expand its aerospace and aviation industry.
Air transport

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EU’s latest mobility package
30 May 18
The European Commission has presented a new Mobility Package entitled ‘Sustainable Mobility for Europe’ seeking to promote safe, connected and clean mobility across the EU. This third and last Mobility Package by the Juncker Commission contains various legislative and non-legislative proposals that will affect the EU automobile industry. ACEA secretary general Erik Jonnaert gives his thoughts
Transport systems | Vehicles
Peoples’ perception of autonomous flight
02 May 18
People understand the benefits says Mathias Thomsen, General Manager Urban Air Mobility, on the public’s hopes and fears for autonomous flying vehicles
Air transport | ICT
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